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The Bay Area's First All-Female High School Hackathon
3350 Thomas Rd, Santa Clara, CA
Date: 1/28-29, 2017


Day 1

10:00 AM - Doors open

10:30 AM - Opening ceremony

11:00 AM - Keynote by Gupshup

                  Chatbot: What, When, How

12:00 PM - Begin hacking

01:30 PM - Lunch

02:30 PM -  Beginner Coding Workshop:
                   Gotta Code ‘Em All

03:30 PM - Intermediate iOS Workshop:

                  Build Your First Mobile App

04:30 PM - Workshop: Clarifai Computer Vision

07:00 PM - Dinner

10:00 PM - Doors lock 

Day 2

07:00 AM - Doors open

07:30 AM - Breakfast

10:00 AM - Submissions due

10:30 AM - Pitches and demos

11:45 AM - Award ceremony


About PixelHacks 

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event that gathers programmers with different abilities to "hack" and create a software project in a limited amount of time. There will be mentors and workshops to help hackers create their project. Cool swag and awesome prizes would be awarded at the hackathon.

What is PixelHacks?

PixelHacks is the Bay Area's first all-female high school hackathon. It is a 24-hour, overnight hackathon as attendees work to build a software project that addresses a real-world problem. Our mission is to encourage women to pursue computing and technology and promote diversity in this ever-growing field.


Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is PixelHacks?

PixelHacks will be held on 1/28-29, 2017 at 3350 Thomas Rd, Santa Clara 95054.

How much will this cost me?
This event, including all food, swag, and prizes, is completely free!  ​​

Who can attend?

Any female high school student may apply and attend.

How do I form a team?

You don't need to have a team formed beforehand - you can form teams during the hackathon. Each team can have 1 to 4 individuals.

Do I need any programming experience?

It will definitely be helpful to know the fundamentals, but there are no specific skills required. There will also be workshops where you can improve your skills, mentors throughout the hackathon to help you personally, and you can also learn from other students!

Can I leave some time during the hackathon and come back?

Definitely, but not during the night! We are aware that students are very busy people, so you can definitely come for parts of the event and leave during others. You don't even need to stay the night. However, only projects that have a pitch & demo will be eligible for prizes.

What should I bring?

  • Laptop and chargers 

  • Sleeping bag and pillow

  • Toiletries, toothbrush, etc.

​If you have any other questions, email us at!


Best Overall PixelHacks Prizes


First Place Hack

  • $2000 scholarships for each team member to Make School's Summer Academy

  • 3Doodler Create 3D Pens

Second Place Hack

  • $2000 scholarships for each team member to Make School's Summer Academy

  • A set of 5 Onyx Beacons

Third Place Hack

  • Github Octocat Figurines

  • Sketch App License

Special Category Prizes


Best Educational Hack

  • $40 gift certificates from Art of Problem Solving

  • 1-year of Audible membership subscription


Most Innovative Bot Built Using Gupshup

  • $100 Amazon voucher

Sponsor Prizes


Sponsored by Wolfram:

  • Top 3 hacks using Wolfram Tech will win:

    • 1 year of Wolfram Development Platform 

    • 1 year of Wolfram Mathematica Student Edition 

    • 1 year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro

  • Top 3 teams will receive 1 year subscriptions to Wolfram|Alpha Pro​

Sponsored by Clarifai

  • $50 Visa gift card for the best hack using Clarifai API

Sponsored by .Tech

  • $50 Amazon gift cards for the best hack created on a .Tech domain

Sponsored by StartUp Wonder

  • $50 gift card for the team that creates a hack that best exemplifies StartUp Wonder's values





If you would like to sponsor us, please contact us at For sponsorship tier information, please click here.

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